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Update: 8/31/12
There isn't really anything to say update-wise but I thought I'd officially say I'm on Hiatus. I'm incredibly Homestuck at the moment (see my tumblr) and have been devoting my time to artisan crafts. Although over the past few weeks I've been working on some creature designs and gameplay ideas for EndosRel. At some point I'm going to overhaul this site. Update all the mythology, and get some actual Java games up here. Till next time ... monochromeGeologist out *ollies out into the sun*.
1. This site is not dead.
2. Since last I updated I've changed my online alias a few times

Update: 2/22/12
The dragon generator is up.

Update: 1/7/12
I After four hours of struggling with the website the new layout is up. The Species Guide still has the old navigation and layout and it's going to stay that way. I went through 16 pages one by one just to get the main site updated. The Species guide has 28 pages, and I don't have 8 hours to spare converting them. I made a compromise and heaped all of the species onto one page.
    I finally got an image to load properly in a browser in a java applet so I'm trying to get another random generator up. This one will generate dragons and will use image files to show which color the dragon is.
    The root canal is still making me incredibly irritable.

Update: 1/7/12
I just got part 1/3 of a root canal yesterday. I'm not feeling great but I started the new layout.

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